ERRI AB is one of the world's largest producers and suppliers of electric aircraft heaters for civilian and military aircraft.  We have been manufacturing and selling aircraft heaters from our location in Frösön, Sweden since the 1980s.Our customers are mainly airports, airport operators and ground handling companies. Our heaters can be found at most airports in northern Europe and Asia. 
In 1994, ERRI launched the world famous interior aircraft heater AH42. The AH42 is a fully automatic electric aircraft heater made of aluminum and is maneuverable by one person.
The unit is used for warm keeping, heating of the cabin and the avoidance of dew point when the aircraft is parked at ramp area. More than 350 AH42 units have been sold worldwide, and a total of more than 600 heaters have been sold by ERRI when older models are taken into account.

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