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28vdc 28vdc

28VDC is no longer in production.


For service, support and spare parts please contact Mats Eriksson. 






This state of art rectifier 28 VDC can be used for starting of modern aircraft and for power supply during ground stop or hangar maintenance.
The unit can be fixed installed or mounted on a cart in standard configuration. The voltage drop in secondary cable can be compensated to any length of cable in order to keep the desired voltage at the connection to the aircraft.


Mains AC voltage 3 phases 360-440 V/50-60 Hz

CEE connection mains 5 leads 63 A Standard ISO 6858
Temperature range for use -35° to +40°C

Length secondary cable 15m 70mm2 (standard length)
Current peak 2 000 A (2 200 A)
Ripple, less than 0.3 V/600 Amp


Excluding towbar cable holder 950 x 850 x 650 mm
Overall size 1350 x 850 x 650 mm
Tow bar eye 57 mm Ø
Weight, excluding cables 95 kg


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